VIDEO: Toronto Maple Leafs Fans Chant "Let's Go Blue Jays"

By Kris Hughes

It goes without saying that Toronto Maple Leafs fans are aggravated.

The team hasn’t won at the Air Canada Centre since February 6th, and has been on the decline after looking like an early favorite to take home the NHL‘s Eastern Conference title when the first pucks dropped last fall.

This fan frustration finally reached the boiling point in a 7-1 beating to the Philadelphia Flyers last evening, prompting the Leafs’ “faithful” to start chanting “Let’s Go Blue Jays”:

After all, the first pitch of Major League Baseball season is right around the corner, and the Toronto Blue Jays have an intriguing group of young players which could easily catch the city’s attention throughout the summer.

There’s no doubt the Maple Leafs are Toronto’s primary pro sports franchise, given their winning history and place in the hearts of the city’s residents, but if substantial changes aren’t made not only to the coaching staff but the team’s front office, this popularity may not last for much longer.

The Leafs’ biggest star, Phil Kessel, realizes this is the case, while his words still come off as rather diplomatic:

We’re not playing well so what do you expect. I don’t remember the last time we won a game in this building. It’s a tough situation. It’s going to have to come from this room; how to get out of this.

We have four games left and we got to battle.

We’ve got to win some games here.

Only the summer will tell if changes come the Maple Leafs’ way.

If not,  the Blue Jays will be more than happy to absorb the extra fans.

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