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Dallas Stars Fan Gets Souvenir for Taking Puck in the Face

The Dallas Stars were in Vancouver last evening to take on the Canucks.  Surprisingly, there were a few Stars fans in attendance as well and one fan got more than he bargained for while behind the glass watching Dallas during warm-ups.

I don’t know why, but I’m always amazed at how poorly NHL team organizations handle a fan in the stands getting hit with a puck / injured.  This video is a pretty good illustration of what I’m talking about.

The girl holding a “Kari 4 Vezina” sign was undoubtedly ‘Star struck’ (pun very much intended!) by Stars goalie, Kari Lehtonen, and totally oblivious to the fact that the guy beside her has just got nailed in the face with a puck (most likely indirectly shielding her from possible injury).  Then the poor guy has to fight for the towel that Lehtonen tossed to him after trying to get someone on the bench’s attention realizing the fan was hurt.  I’m not sure if I would necessarily call it hilarity, but whatever it is, ensues.

Here’s a stick for your troubles, bud (he couldn’t even celebrate the pain away with a Stars win because they lost 5-2)!  But, as one YouTube commenter posted, perhaps the stick “… was for hitting HER in the face!”