The Mother of All NHL Jersey Fouls: "Crochkin"

By Stephanie Lewark

This, ladies and gentleman, is the newest and no doubt the most heinous jersey foul that has ever been committed to date in jersey foul history.  I present to you, “Crochkin” – the Sidney CrosbyAlex Ovechkin shersey (and to top it off, it’s not even a “real” jersey!)!

As a full-on, die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fan, this genuinely makes my brain hurt very badly (and I can probably speak for other true Pens fans by saying that it probably makes their brains hurt too)!  I’ll even go so far as to speak for Washington Capitals fans and say that it probably makes their brains hurt as well.

I have never seen anything so hideous in my entire hockey-driven life before.  One thing I know for sure just by looking at this mutation: this IS NOT a hockey fan (or, at the least, this fan is neither a true-blue Penguins OR Capitals fan because such a fan would know quite well that the two things cannot co-exist in either of our worlds.  We are and always will be bitter rivals – there can never be any bridges being built in (or jerseys being constructed) between our two worlds.  [Seriously, don’t take my word for it, just read what Brooks Laich had to say]

Russian Machine Never Breaks,” the blog that posted this hand-made disaster, tries to provide a logical explanation (which makes my brain hurt even more):

In one way, it makes sense. This is a fan at a Bears game in Pennsylvania. The Bears are the farm team for Ovechkin’s Capitals, and Hershey is only a few hours away from Crosby’s Penguins. These are the two stars of the two big teams that matter to this person. It’s almost defensible.

Nice try and it even uses a very sensible mode of thinking, but when it comes to the Penguins and Capitals in the hockey world there is no such thing as sensible thinking.  But RMNB does rebound nicely with a nice rundown as to why this shersey is a foul on OH SO MANY levels!

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