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The New York Rangers lock up the first seed in the Eastern Conference

The New York Rangers defeated the Philadelphia Flyers tonight by the score of 5-3.  The game was in Philadelphia and the Rangers also swept the season series six games to zero.  The Rangers have been in first place since December and although they stumbled a little it was really never in doubt.  They have been very consistent.  The Rangers have been the best team and that is what they will be heading into the playoffs.

Can the New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup as a number one seed.  The Rangers have to wait and see who their opponent is.  It looks like it will be either the Washington Capitals or Buffalo Sabres.  The Rangers have been getting great goaltending all year.  They also have a blue collar attitude.  They have guys that dive all over the ice, block a lot of shots and just sacrifice to win.  I believe the Rangers have just as good of a chance as anyone else.

In the Eastern Conference I think the biggest threats are the New Jersey Devils and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Penguins were winning just about every day but they have come back down to earth.  The Rangers will have home ice throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.  They are currently two points ahead of the Vancouver Canucks for the number one overall seed in the NHL.  If they win the Presidents Trophy they will have home ice for as long as they are alive.

The Rangers are a fun team to watch and should be able to take care of their first round opponent.  The second round could be tricky but they have to make it to at least an Eastern Conference final.  The only thing now is for them to finish their last two games, remain healthy and wait and see who they will be facing in the first round.  A big key will be the power play and the Rangers are much improved in that area.  That could play a huge role, if you get a chance you need to take advantage.  The special teams become huge in the playoffs and can make the difference in most games.