VIDEO: New York Rangers Coach John Tortorella Calls the Penguins 'One of the Most Arrogant Organizations'

By Johnny Machurek

Well you can add New York Rangers coach John Tortorella to the growing list of the people calling out the Pittsburgh Penguins for being dirty.

On Sunday, Philadelphia Flyers coach Peter Laviolette took exception to the Penguins playing their grinders late in the game and was standing on the bench yelling at the Pittsburgh bench.  On Tuesday, Flyers assistant coach Craig Berube called Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin ‘ two of the dirtest players on their hockey team.’

Mike Milbury was on WIP in Philadelphia earlier this week and he called our Crosby for being dirty.  He would then go on to apologize the next day, in which sounded like a classic canned, forced apology.

Now fast-forward to tonight and we have another person called the Penguins dirty and classless.  While being interviewed post-game Tortorella was asked about the hit to Derek Stepan and Torts let everyone know how he feels about the Pens.  He called the knee-to-knee hit from Brooks Orpik ‘a cheap, dirty hit.’

I have to say Torts does has a point here.  When I first watched the video I really didn’t think it was dirty, but when I saw other angles Orpik clearly stuck his leg out.  Also, he was dead on about the fact that Crosby and Malkin would be the first to whine.  Now he didn’t call them out by name, but come on we all know who he was referring to.

It is about time that people are calling out the Penguins for their dirty play, is seems to have be ignored for years.  Malkin loves his dirty shots like punching Flyers center Claude Giroux in the back of the head on Sunday after tackling him.

He sure seems to love his elbows, doesn’t he?

I would say Malkin needs to be called out more on his dirty play than Crosby, he is just more of a diver.

It is interesting to see if the NHL will keep a closer eye of the Penguins, but probably not.

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