Stanley Cup Playoffs: Coral The Sea Lion Picks Red Wings To Win The Stanley Cup

By Daniel Gustkey

Coral the sea lion has made a name for herself in making her selections during the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Year after year she has gotten the best of her human counterparts, and this year she will attempt to do the same by choosing the Detroit Red Wings to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup.  The 24-year-old sea lion picked many first round upsets, and chose the boys from Hockeytown to win it all.

Some of you may remember Paul the octopus from the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Paul, a German octopus, picked each of the German National Teams’ games in 2010, including their loss to Spain in the semifinals.  Paul went on to pick all eight games correctly, including Spain’s victory over the Netherlands in the World Cup Finals.

Coral may not have quite the accuracy as Paul, but a great story nonetheless.  Coral is 24 years old, and experts believe this could be her last round of Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions.  I know Red Wings fans are hoping her experience and wisdom will prove accurate this time around.

Coral isn’t afraid to pick against the heavy-hitters.  She chose the #8 seed Ottawa Senators to upset the top seed New York Rangers in the first round, and also thinks that the defending champion Boston Bruins will fall victim to the Washington Capitals in the Eastern Conference.

Scuff at her all you want, but her track record says she will get more of these correct than you will.  Whatever the results, it should make for a fun Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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