Stanley Cup Playoffs: Six Reasons Red Wings Fans Can Learn To Hate The Nashville Predators

By Daniel Gustkey

It won’t be quite like rooting against the Chicago Blackhawks or the San Jose Sharks (at least of late), and it doesn’t quite have the “big-brother little-brother” feel of a series against the Columbus Blue Jackets.  But the Nashville Predators can flat out play, and fans of the Detroit Red Wings can, and should learn to hate the Preds, even if it is only for 7 games.

If you try hard enough, you can learn to strongly dislike any team in professional sports, and that is exactly todays’ lesson.  Shall we get started?  Hopefully you will earn an A.

1.  Those yellow uniforms.  I mean come on.  At some point with those yellow duds you need to change your name to the canaries and play football in Norwich City (okay that’s a bit of a stretch).  As a supporter of the Oregon Ducks, I am down with the highlighter uniforms and what not, but they are understandably easy to dislike.  Any time you can trade out blue and gray sweaters for something resembling Big Bird, you have to do it.

2.  Now maybe this is because I grew up in Alaska, where 335 days of snow is common, a point must be made about the irony of a tire company owning the naming rights to a National Hockey League arena.  The Predators call Bridgestone Arena home, and you’d have to think that could be a bit of a safety issue.  For those who are ice-ically challenged, enjoy (or be completely mortified, one or the other).

3.  The Predators have a relatively unknown player by the name of Mike Fisher.  Fisher has 51 points on the season, but his success has largely come off of the ice.  That’s right, this man was somehow able to slip a ring on the finger of country singer and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.  While Carrie Underwood isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I do understand the male fascination with her.  Hate away fellas, hate away.  Although this seems to be a positive for the rest of us. Hopefully Jesus won’t take the wheel during this first round playoff series (Yeah I don’t know either, it was worth a shot).


5.  The city of Nashville averages somewhere around 5 days of snow per year, and only two months out of the year is the average LOW temperature below freezing.  That just doesn’t seem fair.  Especially for a city with a hockey team.

6.  In all honesty, there isn’t a lot to hate about this franchise.  They are well run, and do not make a ton of headlines on or off the ice.  But maybe that is the problem?  It seems to me, that Detroit fans can band together and hate the obscurity of the team they are meeting in the first round of the playoffs.

Or maybe we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy what promises to be one hell of a first round playoff series.  I saw a tweet yesterday saying this should be the Western Conference Finals, not the first round.

Hard to disagree with that.

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