Toronto Maple Leafs will pick 5th Overall in the 2012 NHL Draft

By Jeff Zeffer

The Toronto Maple Leafs did not have any luck on their side during the 2012 NHL Lottery Draft when Brian Burke’s 5th overall pick stayed at a 5th overall selection.

The surprising move in this year’s lottery was the Edmonton Oilers 2nd overall pick moved up to a first overall draft selection. This means the Oilers will be drafting 1st overall, three years running. Making this year’s draft the 2nd time in the history of the NHL Draft for a team to draft three years in arrow with the first overall pick. Last time this happened was in the late 80’s with the Quebec Nordiques.

The most disappointing move was Columbus Blue Jackets falling from 1st place to 2nd overall in this year’s draft. This after the Blue Jackets finished 19 point below the 2nd place Oilers.

The Montreal Canadiens will have the 3rd overall draft selection, while the New York Islanders receive the 4th overall pick. While the Toronto Maple Leafs round out the top five with the 5th overall draft selection.

For those who know little or nothing about the NHL Draft Lottery is that it is based on a weighted system to determine the order of selection for the first 14 picks of the Draft. One of the rules in the Draft Lottery is no team may move up more than four positions in the draft. Making the last five teams who placed in the bottom five in the NHL during the regular, will have a chance at the 1st overall draft selection.

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