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No Punishment Coming For Shea Weber’s Hit On Henrik Zetterberg?

What a way to open the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Not only did we have a trio of exciting games, but we also had one of the dumbest actions I’ve ever seen take place on a playing field/surface.

After taking a hit from Henrik Zetterberg in the corner, Shea Weber took exception, and drove Zetterberg’s head into the glass not once, but twice.

The hit took place at the end of the game, when the Nashville Predators had their Game 1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings all wrapped up. Which makes the hit even worse.

Most figured that after the hit took place, Weber would be getting a call from NHL Minister of Defense, Brendan Shanahan. And rightfully so. This is a hit that deserves a suspension. The intent was there, and it was incredibly boneheaded play from a star defenseman who should know better.

Yet, there’s no guarantee that Weber could have any sort of hearing for the hit. The general feeling is that he won’t even having any sort of hearing. Not even a fine? Come on.

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Two things that the National Hockey League will take into account every single time is the history of the player and whether or not an injury occurred. Weber doesn’t have a history of being a goon and Zetterberg wasn’t hurt on the play, so you obviously can’t suspend him for it, right Shanny?

That’s the unfortunate thing about this. The hit is obviously suspendable. There’s intent. There’s stupidity. If this was during actual play, there’s also some sort of penalty that would surely be added to it. But nothing.We’ll have to see if the whispers are true, and Weber can avoid punishment, but no punishment for Weber would be might embarrassing for an NHL justice system that has a hard enough time maintaining consistency.

It will be interesting to see what ends up happening. I’d still be surprised to see no suspension for Weber, though a fine could be more likely. The big question, though, is if this is the regular season, how many games would he get?

You can see the video of Weber’s hit below: