Stanley Cup Playoffs: Shea Weber fined $2500 for hit on Henrik Zetterberg

By Matthew Kirkpatrick

In what has become another example of the pitiful decision making of NHL brass when it comes to handing out supplemental discipline, Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber was fined the maximum allowable $2500 for slamming the head of Detroit Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg into the boards as time wound down in their game one match up last night.

For those of you who missed it: Zetterberg and Weber were engaged in a battle for the puck in the Nashville zone with mere seconds left on the clock. Weber took exception to a check delivered by the Wings star and decided to dole out his own style of justice; WWE style as he bounced Zetterberg’s dome off the boards not once, but twice.

Weber was assessed a two minute penalty for roughing on the play, but only after the final horn had sounded, so essentially he got off scott-free.

Have a look:


Most NHL insiders were quick to point out that, “this is the playoffs” and that they would be surprised if Weber was suspended, but clearly the league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan missed the mark with this ruling.

Shanahan had this to say about the hit:

“We felt this was a reckless and reactionary play on which Weber threw a glancing punch and then shoved Zetterberg’s head into the glass, We reached out to Detroit following the game and were informed that Zetterberg did not suffer an apparent injury and should be in the lineup for Game 2. This play and the fine that addressed it will be significant factors in assessing any incidents involving Shea Weber throughout the remainder of the playoffs.”

Loosely translated this means that Weber will be suspended if he decides to do anything more reckless through the duration of this years playoffs like powerbombing an opponent through the Spanish Announcers table, or hitting someone over the head with a steel chair.

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