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David Krejci is Okay and More from the Locker Room

After last night’s dramatic 1-0 overtime defeat of the Washington Capitals, some Boston Bruins fans sitting right by the glass got so overcome with happiness that they pounded the glass–and the panel then fell forward right onto David Krejci. He missed practice today, but he did show up at the end of it to provide a status update:

“I feel good…I’ve got a little sore neck but other than that I’m good,” he said. “I think I’ll play tomorrow,” he added.

Coach Claude Julien agreed. “He’s fine…he’s scheduled to play tomorrow. Not that big of an issue…fluke accident.”

Lesson learned: please do not pound the glass like that at games. You never know what could happen and, frankly, most people find it obnoxious even if no one gets hurt.

Here’s a neat feature on the Bruins website: Game in 2, showing all the highlights of the game in a two-minute package. Check out the intro part where Tim Thomas talks about proving people wrong. Great stuff.

Speaking of Thomas, look at this picture by Greg M. Cooper of US Presswire. Good to know the Bruins have Spider-Man on their side.

Want to know more about the MVP chain that was awarded to Chris Kelly? Andrew Ference explains the significance, and the specifics, in this video. He did the engraving of the Spoked B himself and was surprised at how expensive the chain links were. After each win, a notch will be carved into the padlock.

Also, though Kelly won the chain last night, some other Bruins did a great job and proved that they are no weak links either:

Watch the Bruins take on the Capitals again, hopefully with a healthy Krejci in tow, on NBC tomorrow at 3 p.m.