VIDEO: Matt Fornataro Ridiculous Shootout Goal

By Riley Schmitt

Matt Fornataro of the Rockford IceHogs had one of the most ridiculous goals of any hockey game this year.  Friday night, Rockford was taking on the Milwaukee Admirals and Fornataro was up in the fourth round of a shootout.  His ridiculous goal gave the IceHogs a 2-1 win.

The puck control he shows on that shot is just ridiculous.  There are some guys in the NHL who can only dream of pulling such a play off.  The poor goalie had absolutely no chance at stopping that shot.  He tried for a poke check but it was about useless.  Fornataro easily buried it in the back of the net.

A lot of people complain about shootouts, but I personally love them.  The elimination of ties was great.  Shootouts are a great way to get casual fans involved in the sport.  In this news cycle, highlights are what everyone wants to see.  Shootouts certainly deliver highlights.  You probably would not see this goal during a regulation period.

This video needs to get more recognition.  I am afraid that it will get passed over because it is in the lower level of hockey.  That does not change how awesome this is though.  If NHL games had goals like this every day, people would tune in all the time and not just in the playoffs.

This is certainly a top ten play and a play that Fornataro will remember for a long time.  When you do something that sick, it tends to stick with your for a little bit.

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