VIDEO: Craig Adams Pulls Scott Hartnell's Hair During Fight

By Riley Schmitt

The Sunday game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins was just a mess.  Lots of goals, lots of penalties, lots of fights, and even some hair pulling.  During a late brawl, Penguins forward Craig Adams was in a scrap with Scott Hartnell.  During the fight, Adams pulled Hartnell’s hair.  HE PULLED ANOTHER MAN’S HAIR. (Of course, Hartnell’s hair hangs down on to his jersey, so by pulling the jersey, you pull hair.  But still.)

I have no idea what possesses a grown man to pull hair.  That is such a cheap thing to do.  Pittsburgh looks totally outgunned and they are resorting to any tactic they can to get into the heads of the Flyers.  It is not working as Philly is looking dominant, even to people who do not watch hockey normally.  It is a shame to see a sport that can look so beautiful be marred by such ugly play.

I would imagine that some fines are coming down after this game.  There was just a bunch of dirty play.  If Adams does not get fined, he should at least turn his man card in.  No one pulls hair in a fight.  You are a grown man.  Don’t pull hair.  If you were five years old, then I could see that being an option.

If you like hockey, this stuff really isn’t for you.  Fighting is awesome, but this is just overdone.  There needs to be limits on it and the refs lost complete control of this game.  The teams hate each other, but the refs  needed to keep things in line.  They did not do that and we ended up with a giant mess.

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