Boston Bruins Game Day News: Claude Julien Watches Every Game, Tim Thomas Tries Instagram and More

By Emma Harger

The Boston Bruins have arrived in our nation’s capital to take on the Washington Capitals in their third game of this playoffs series. So, there is some news to report!

Coach Claude Julien spoke to the press after pregame skate. He said that the focus is on making small adjustments for this game. Though he did not specify further, John Bishop noticed that the lines looked the same during the skate. When it was brought up that the Capitals are blocking quite a few more shots per game than the Bruins (they blocked 27 to the Bruins’ eight in game two), Julien wanted to move past that and said the main idea is to put shots on goal. Fair enough, coach, but I do think that’s worth examining: why are the Caps sacrificing the body so much? Are they worried about their rookie goalie’s ability to handle all the shots or something?

He said that one of the teams is going to get an edge somewhere along the way and that he is working to ensure it’s the Bruins’ edge.

Also, though he did make the trip to Washington, perhaps Tuukka Rask just isn’t ready to go yet: he won’t be the backup tonight.

Like many hockey fans regardless of team affiliation, Julien finds himself enjoying many hours of games. He told reporters he is watching every single playoff game. “This is a great time of year to be watching hockey,” he said.

On a fun note: You know those more technologically-impaired members of your family and their earnest, amusing attempts to work the latest gadgets with sometimes mixed results? Check out Tim Thomas’ attempt to do an Instagram picture today. He wanted a view of the Capitol building, but got a quarry instead. I mean, it’s a nice quarry…

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