Logan Couture and Others Missing in San Jose

By anthonyweihofen

After a glimpse of hope from what seemed to be a new San Jose hockey performance against the St. Louis Blues turned into the same old song and dance.

The San Jose Sharks were shutout against St. Louis for the third time all year but only the first time in post-season. So the Sharks still have time to prove that they can be better against St. Louis than the 0-4 record they were against them in the regular season.

How will they get better? What needs to change in order for them to get better? What can San Jose use to their advantage, if anything.

Excuse me sir, ma’am, anybody have you seen San Jose’s top performers lately they seem to be missing.

This guy’s impossible to miss with his beard that seems bigger than some peoples face. He’s 6’4”, 230 pounds, 32-years old and is supposed to be the leader of the team. His 59 assists and 77 points were both team highs this season.

Oh his name is Joe Thornton. He wears the number 19 jersey with a large ‘C’ on it. He’s critical for the team getting goals with his playmaking skills and great eye scoping out a great passing opportunity.

The next is one of only a handful of American hockey players on San Jose. He’s from the state of cheese, sausage and beer also known as Wisconsin. So if bait is what has to be used to lure him out into the spotlight then it will be done because he is missed that much.

I mean he was only tied for first on the team with goals so it’s no big deal if he appears in this series. They’re only trying to advance to win one of the most memorable awards in history. He’s the smallest of the missing group at 5’11” but is one of the best on the team and usually pretty reliable for coming through when his team needs him. His name is also Joe and if he’s not wearing a suit and tie he might be wearing a number 8 jersey with the last name Pavelski on it.

Last but not least is a young man with stardom in his eyes and is almost always smiling. I mean you would too if you were the other player tied for first on the team with 31 goals and has the best shooting percentage on the team at 12.7 percent.  He has also proved to be the best on special teams with 11 power play goals, two short-handed goals and he is also second on the team with 5 game-winning goals during the regular season.

23-year old Logan Couture was spotted five periods into the first game of this series with the secondary assist on Martin Havlat’s game-winning goal in the second overtime on April 12th. A big play that showed San Jose won’t again go 0-4 against St. Louis brought a change in the wind to round one of the their hunt for the Stanley Cup. Couture was missing in the last game just like he was in all four of San Jose’s losses in the regular season to the Blues.

Thornton and Pavelski are yet to be seen on the scoreboard while Couture had one assist in the double overtime of the first playoff game. These three players need to find the back of the net and to let their opponents and fans know that they are there and can bring their team to the Stanley Cup.

Luckily for San Jose game three of their playoff matchup is tonight at home where they have endured much success this season. The HP Pavilion home of the Sharks is where San Jose reached most of their wins in the regular season and more wins at home than most other teams in the league.

The Blues will also be without starting goaltender Jaroslav Halak.

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