VIDEO: Phoenix Announcers Think Raffi Torres Hit On Marian Hossa Is Clean

By Riley Schmitt

The Raffi Torres hit on Marian Hossa is just awful. I think the announcers for Phoenix might be even worse.  They think the hit that put Hossa in the hospital is CLEAN.  I am sorry, but you have to be drunk to think that could even resemble a clean hit.

Twitter has blown up with outrage over the commentary.  I do not watch a lot of hockey, but I know for a fact that hit was not clean.  It should have been about three different penalties, but somehow Phoenix got a power play out of the whole mess.

I am sorry, but the announcers should be ashamed for that.  That hit might have done serious damage to Hossa.  The guy is in the ER of a Chicago hospital right now and you think the hit is clean?  Come on, you have to be kidding me.  I understand that you do not want to paint your guy as dirty, but call a spade a spade.  If Hossa did that to Torres, they would probably be rioting.

The only thing that we can do now is wait for punishment.  Torres should be booted for the playoffs.  That is the only thing that makes sense.  Send a message.  Hits like that should not be tolerated.  Torres should be made an example.  Hits like that destroy the beauty of hockey.  It is not a bloodsport.  It is dirty and uncalled for.  I can not stop ranting about it.  It is that bad.  Send the message.  Ban him for the series and the playoffs.


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