VIDEO: Raffi Torres Hit On Marian Hossa

By Riley Schmitt

We have seen a lot of stupid hits in the NHL playoffs this season.  Tuesday night, Raffi Torres of the Phoenix Coyotes nearly killed Marian Hossa of the Chicago Blackhawks with a vicious cheap shot.  If Torres plays the rest of the series, the NHL needs to reevaluate their stance on suspensions.

There is no need for plays like this in hockey.  That was not even close to begin legal.  However, the refs blew the call.  Straight up blew it.  I am no fan of the Blackhawks, but plays like that are despicable.  I can not believe that everyone missed the call.

Hossa was stretchered off and we hope that he is all right.  I can’t imagine that he returns for this series or the rest of the playoffs.  Play it safe.  There is no reason to risk health, especially since we are not sure about the effect on Hossa’s health.

The punishment in the NHL has come under fire in recent days.  This hit needs to be looked at and the book should be thrown at Torres.  I mean, an actual book should be thrown at Torres.  Maybe a dictionary.  The guy left his heat and went for the kill shot.

Hossa get stretchered off and there is no penalty.   I’m still in shock.  Chicago needs to send a message, but a legal message.  Don’t fight stupid with stupid.  Make a clean check and avoid anything that could get you suspended.  This series just got a whole lot more ugly.  Expect violence in large measures.

For something even more shocking, the Phoenix announcers think the hit was clean. I am totally appalled. Take a listen for yourself.

Thanks to CSN Chicago for the video.

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