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Stanley Cup Playoffs: Ottawa Senators missing Daniel Alfredsson

As the Ottawa Senators prepare for game four of their Stanley Cup Playoff series versus the New York Rangers there is one piece missing, and that piece leaves a gaping hole.

That piece is captain Daniel Alfredsson.

Everytime I have seen a Senators do an interview during the Stanley Cup Playoffs they have made a reference to being a family. Well if that’s true Alfredsson is their older brother.

The one they look to for advice, and to get things done when they’re faced with adversity.

It was true when they were pushing towards the playoffs this season, it was true when they needed a spark in the third period of game one in this series. It has always been true.

Daniel Alfredsson is the heart and soul of the Ottawa Senators, and when he went down with an apparent concussion following an elbow to the head by Rangers’ rookie Carl Hagelin in game two, his team rallied for a 3-2 overtime win.

The Senators captain is especially missed during the playoffs where the Senators are currently winless during his absence. In fact, Ottawa has never won a playoff game without him in their line up period.

I found it ironic that in the lead up to game four the NHL released this video on their website.

Alfredsson was notably absent this morning when the Senators took the ice for their gameday skate, meaning he will likely miss tonight’s game.

Ottawa will then need a new hero to come to the forefront and lead the team in a must win game.

First and foremost the Senators need to find a way to beat Henrik Lundqvist, who has been nothing short of spectacular in the first three games.

It would do wonders for the Senators’ psyche if they were able to score first and play with lead, something they have yet to do against the Rangers in this post-season.