VIDEO: Raffi Torres Suspension-Bound After Ugly Hit On Marian Hossa

By Randy Holt

The Chicago Blackhawks are no secret to Raffi Torres and what he brings to the ice.

Exactly a year to the day that Torres attempted to remove the head of Brent Seabrook in the Hawks’ Quarterfinal matchup against the Vancouver Canucks, Torres once again found himself as the focus of Chicago’s ire.

In the first period of Tuesday’s Game 3 between the Hawks and Phoenix Coyotes, Torres unloaded on Marian Hossa in the neutral zone. Hossa was without the puck for almost a full second, making this already a late hit. But the problems don’t end there.

Torres put all of his weight behind this one. He left his feet and threw his shoulder at the head of Hossa. Not that this is anything new of Torres and his behavior, making this even more disgusting.

Hossa was on the ice for several minutes and had to be removed on a stretcher. He has since been released from the hospital, per a statement released by the Hawks, and is now at home. There are several rumors circulating as to what injury he has, but regardless of the actual injury, I wouldn’t count on seeing him for the rest of the postseason.

The most stunning element of this hit? Not a single of the four officials on the ice saw it. Torres received no penalty for the hit. In fact, it was the Blackhawks who went on the penalty kill after Brandon Bollig attempted to have words with Torres about the hit.

After the game, both Joel Quenneville and Jonathan Toews voiced their frustrations with that specific incident, and officiating overall in this series. They can both expect hefty fines for that.

My issue isn’t so much with the officiating as it is with Torres himself.

This is a guy who has a history of pulling nonsense like this. He has no respect for his fellow players on the ice or the National Hockey League as a whole. Even Toews went as far as saying that he wouldn’t have been surprised if Torres didn’t try and go further on the ice after receiving no penalty for the first hit.

This guy is a menace to the game and needs to be punished as such. It would be easy to say a length suspension is on the way, but with Brendan Shanahan, you really never know. I would hope a big suspension is on the way for Torres, and that Hossa can recover quickly, once we find out what his actual injury is.

You can see the video of the Torres hit below:

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