65-Year-Old Red Wings Fan Continues To Defy The Odds

By Daniel Gustkey

We interrupt this regularly scheduled playoff series, to bring you a pretty damn cool story.

We all wish we could have done things when we were younger.  Yeah I get it, I’m only 22, what do I wish that I could have done that I cannot do not?  Well, more than you think, but this isn’t about me.

This story is about a woman who loves hockey, and won’t stop playing.  Diane Pieknik is 65 years young, and continues to play hockey on a regular basis.  Most athletic achievements after the age of 65 require a golf cart and a caddy (unless of course you are Jamie Moyer), but I guess that’s why this lady isn’t most people.  Admittedly that may be because she is a lifelong Detroit Red Wings fan; we are a pretty special group.

Pieknik currently lives in the Fox Run Retirement Community in a relatively unknown (at least to yours truly) small town of Novi, Michigan.  In Novi, Diane plays left wing for her squad in the Novi Women’s Beginners Adult Developmental Hockey League.  At the beginning of her career, Diane mostly kept her game along the boards, but as her confidence grew, so did her repertoire.  The more she plays, the more time she spends in the middle portions of the ice.  I guess you could say she has transformed from Drew Miller into Tomas Holmstrom.

Thankfully she still has all of her teeth.

If you ever needed any source of motivation, you know have it.  Diane plays her games on Sunday afternoons, so next time you sit on your couch, feeling like you should be doing something, give this story another read.

We spend our Sundays on the couch.  Diane spends hers deking left, deking right, and going backhand to the stick side for another beautiful goal.  If only we could teach her to celebrate that goal by leaping up into the boards.

Probably not, though.  She is too busy preparing to skydive, another accomplishment she hopes to add to her already incredible life.

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