Boston Bruins Game Day News: April 19

By Emma Harger

Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien thinks the idea that a coach would tell his players to go after someone’s head is, simply put, “ludicrous.” Such is his response to the suggestion by Washington Capitals coach Dale Hunter that the Bruins are, pardon the pun, headhunting. It does seem ludicrous to make this kind of suggestion to, of all the teams, the Bruins, a team that is missing both Nathan Horton and Marc Savard due to head injuries.

Actually, the brinkmanship is starting to get pretty intense with the Capitals. Their Comcast SportsNet affiliate put together a montage of “Boston Bruins Not So Greatest Hits” to try to further the idea that the Bruins are dirty. But the fact that Patrice Bergeron, a guy who didn’t get his first fighting major until his fifth NHL season, appears in that video multiple times shows that whomever put it together is really stretching at best or simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

The players aren’t getting fussed over any of this. Shawn Thornton, especially, seemed downright unsurprised that the team is being criticized, but his focus is solely on the game at hand.

No matter what, though, the fact remains that Nicklas Backstrom has been suspended one game after getting a match penalty for cross-checking Rich Peverley‘s face after the final whistle in game three. But that’s not the Bruins’ main focus in game four.

“Our game plan doesn’t change, because our game plan wasn’t based on Backstrom,” Julien said.

Having a game plan based on just a few people: it might be the way NBC frames these games (“Ovechkin vs. Chara!” “Holtby vs. Everyone Else!”), but it’s not how the coach approaches them.

On a fun note, looks like Andrew Ference had a good time on his day off in the nation’s capital. He visited the Korean War memorial, stopped at the Washington Monument and took a look at the Sculpture Gardens of the National Gallery of Art for a nice side-by-side picture. Then he went to visit his pals at National Geographic–check out his web series sometime, it’s really interesting–and decided to goof off with Zdeno Chara:

Beautiful. So, does that make Ference Rose and Chara Jack?

Tune in for game four tonight at 7:30 p.m. on NBC Sports Network (and NESN).

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