NHL Playoffs 2012- Last Night in the West (April 18)

By Derek Kessinger

When your team is involved in an elimination game, it can be extremely nerve-wracking. Vancouver fans are hoping to survive three of these elimination games to just have a chance in game seven. It was definitely a nerve-wracking test Wednesday night.

Vancouver Canucks 3 Vs. Los Angeles Kings 1 (Kings Lead Series 3-1)
In a rowdy L.A. atmosphere, when Anze Kopitar scored just seven minutes into the third period, the Kings had a lead for what would have been the first sweep by an eight seed of in NHL Playoff history. The Canucks, with the number one seed are still a disaster, but saved the ship to return to Vancouver. The last time the Canucks were eliminated in British Columbia it caused riots, so the Canucks might want to win again.

Cory Schneider, who is playing the relief role for Roberto Luongo after a bad start in the series, made 44 saves on the way to the Canuck’s victory. It was also the return of Daniel Sedin who had an assist on his brother Henrik’s third goal. He will allow the Canucks to at least have a chance to do what only two hockey teams have done before, come back from being down 3-0 in the series. Alexander Edler and Kevin Bieksa scored the two goals in the second period to take back the lead from the Kings.

The series has actually been the calmest of the four in the West despite the seeding. That could change if the Canucks get back into the series.

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