VIDEO: Oh No! Hulk Hogan Can Be Bought!

By Stephanie Lewark

This was the big thing last Sunday afternoon at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The poor guy can’t even rip the shirt off like he used to, so I hope the Flyers didn’t pay him too much money for this (for crying out loud, he can’t even remember that he already shot a video for the Pens!)!!

The “real” Hulk Hogan?  So the guy in the Pittsburgh Penguins video (below) is an imposter?  No (I don’t think so!)!  Surprising, I know, but if you offer him enough money Hulk Hogan will record  a video for you too … he’ll even switch loyalties!!

But for some reason, Philly fans seem to think that the “imposter” in the crowd that Hartnell ultimately mocked during the last game of the regular season between the Pens and Flyers at the CONSOL was strategically placed among the fans behind the Flyers bench to give them a hard time.  Wrong!  That is actually an honest-to-goodness, real-life, TRUE, die-hard Penguins fan who has attended the games for as long as I can remember.  He’s a fan of Evgeni Malkin and part of the reason that “Malk-a-mania” came about (which is the actual reason for the Penguins having the original Hulk Hogan video!)!!

In fact, he’s actually one of many staples of Pens Nation.  He’s really well-known around the arena and is shown on the jumbotron frequently to get the crowd pumped-up.  The Penguins even invited him to sit in on a practice this past season.  When he was battling cancer, the Penguins organization was nice enough to bring him in to watch and meet some of the players. 

But which do you think is catchier?  Flyer-Mania or Malk-a-mania?  Who cares?!  The whole thing doesn’t impress me … get an original idea Philadelphia!!

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