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Stanley Cup Playoffs get animated, Shanahan skewered

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have finally arrived in Asia. The Taiwanese website NMA.tv do a marvelous, over-the-top rendition of the news. The cool this about it is they seem to like their news animated, literally.

I have seen their version of the Tiger Woods story, and I must say it was hilarious. Today they did a little tap dance on the Stanley Cup Playoffs featuring members of the Philadelphia Flyers dismembering Pittsburgh Penguins players with their sticks, and firing their vital organs into the stands all to the delight of the blood thirsty North American audience.

The video also takes aim at NHL disciplinarian, Brendan Shanahan, depicting him as a suit in skates who randomly falls asleep at games while hockey ultra-violence is taking place on the ice. He also is able to cut through the bottom of the rink in order to dispose of repeat offenders quickly, and painfully.

check it out:


The video is not entirely inaccurate in it’s depiction as the supplementary discipline that has been handed down through the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs has been wildly inconsistent, and Shanahan has been the target of the ire of fans, and teams alike.

This has long been a problem for the NHL, and has made the league look stupid on more than one occasion.

I believe one of the only solutions to the problem is to amend the CBA to allow for greater fines since the league is not apt to have it’s stars miss games, and the current maximum fine is a paltry $2,500. I believe players would think twice if they thought they were going to get smacked in the wallet for $100,000 or more.