VIDEO: Apple Daily's Take on the NHL Playoffs

By Emma Harger

Apple Daily is a Taiwanese newspaper and website that produces animated videos based on news stories of great interest, but they always put a funny spin on things and end up pumping out some interesting material.It turns out the good people of Apple Daily are also watching the NHL playoffs–and they wonder about the level of violence in the series so far. Check out the video here, in Cantonese with Cantonese and English subtitles:

  • The pretend Pittsburgh Penguins in the beginning are rocking the old-school jerseys. Their numbers are 26 and 97. (The number 26 is currently worn by Steve Sullivan, but 97 is vacant.)
  • The pretend Philadelphia Flyers, numbers 19 and 81, are totally brutal! (No one currently wears 81, but Scott Hartnell currently wears 19. If they meant for that to represent him, they really missed the ball on rendering his hair.)
  • Arron Asham turns into an actual penguin to deliver his suspension-worthy cross-check and then being stopped by a be-suited Brendan Shanahan, who has wandered onto the ice and holds up a number 4 to signify the length of his suspension.
  • Raffi Torres‘ skates light on fire as he launches off his feet to hit Marian Hossa–and then, like in a cartoon, someone saws a hole in the ice under Torres and he falls in. Shanahan returns to shove him all the way in the hole. (Torres appears to wear a C on his jersey. Whoops, inaccuracy!)
  • Two devils have a dustup with two guys dressed in cowboy garb, meant to represent the line brawl between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils, all going on while Shanahan snoozes in the stands.

The video also includes a call for viewer comments if you are so inclined. If not, check out some of the other videos on the channel too!

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