Raffi Torres Suspended 25 Games For Hit On Marian Hossa

By Riley Schmitt

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Justice has been served in the case of Phoenix Coyotes player Raffi Torres.  After his brutal hit on Marian Hossa, he has been suspended 25 games.  He deserves every single one of them.  This effectively bans him for the entire playoffs.

If you have not seen the video, watch it above.  That hit is so cheap.  I am not even a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and I was irate while watching it.  The fact that the refs missed the hit was even worse.  How do you not see that play?  Torres broke so many rules while executing that hit, but you can not see it?  Come on now.  Let us get real.

I am glad that this game down.  The NHL wasted no time getting this taken care of.  Torres went from his indefinite suspension to being banned basically for the playoffs.  That is how you throw the book at someone.  Hits like that can not be tolerated.   Hossa is lucky that his career has not been destroyed by that hit.  He could have easily broken his face, neck, or suffered a severe concussion.  At least this way, Torres has to pay for his stupidity.

With the series at 3 games to 1 in favor of Phoenix, maybe this news will give the Blackhawks some extra motivation.  It can not hurt them.  This could spur them on to new heights.  Win it for Hossa is what they are saying.  If they come back from this deficit, they will have certainly done that.


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