VIDEO: Jarret Stoll Goal Wins Game 5, Eliminates Vancouver Canucks

By Riley Schmitt

The series between the Los Angeles Kings and the Vancouver Canucks has been a good one.  Not a lot of people thought the Kings stood much of a chance going in, but they utterly dominated the first five games.  Going into Sunday’s game, they had a chance to eliminate Vancouver and incite more riots.  Thanks to a nifty overtime goal from forward Jarret Stoll, that was accomplished.

This was a great end to a hard fought game.  The playoffs have been insane this year and this series has been no exception.  Vancouver always seems to have to deal with a lot of pressure and they never fail to crack.  This year was no exception.  The best team in the regular season loses in five games.  That is laughable.

Trust me, if you have not been watching the games, you need to start.  Playoff hockey is the best type of hockey and even casual fans can get into it.  If you can abide by the fact the rules take some time to pick up on, you can enjoy yourself while watching the game.  That Jarret Stoll goal came on a great play.  That’s something that you can learn to appreciate.

All we really need is to get the NHL back on a real television channel.  NBC Sports Network is great, but how many people actually know where that channel is?  I miss the days when all the playoff games were on ESPN/ABC.  That is how you get new fans.  However, the league has to take baby steps.  This year’s play should be one of those steps to getting the league back to national relevance.

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