A Miracle on Ice if Roberto Luongo Lands with the Toronto Maple Leafs

By Jeff Zeffer

The Vancouver Canucks, NHL’s President Trophy winners were beaten last night in over time by the score of 2-1, resulting in a profound defeat by the hands of the eight seed, the Los Angeles Kings. The question in Vancouver is “how”? But the question in the Canucks organization is what do we do with Roberto Luongo who did not last past two game in these playoffs, while Corey Schneider, their 25 year-old rising star played far better in the three game he started. With keeping in mind that this rising star is a restricted free agent this summer and is due for a raise.

The Canucks obviously have major decision to make within next couple months. But I am not going to speculate the result of what will happen in Vancouver this summer. But how feasible is it for Roberto Luongo to be a member of the Maple Leafs next season?

Some of the thoughts I have gone through is why would Toronto want any goalie who is over 30 and comes with a huge price tag on him? Why would Toronto want a goalie that failed in the Stanley Cup finals last season and did not surpassed two games in the 2012 playoffs. Though looking at it the other way, can Toronto really last another season of James Reimer and Jonas Gustavsson. Well the answer should be send Roberto Luongo to Toronto, as the free agent goalie crop is quite dry come July 1st.

It would take a miracle on ice if Roberto Luongo does make his way to Toronto this summer. Luongo has a no trade clause and a long 10 year contract, making Roberto harder to move and unappealing to most teams.

Though in the end, Toronto has been near the bottom of the league in goals against average for the last four years and the team’s save percentage does not look ay brighter too. So, there is no doubt Roberto Luongo would be an improvement over any goalie duo Brian Burke starts with this fall.

So will it be so long Luongo or a different ending to this story. Email me, send me a tweet or comment here on the Rant Sports website and let me know what the Canucks organization should do with their goalies this summer.

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