Corey Crawford Will Win or Lose The Series For the Chicago Blackhawks

By gilgerard

The Chicago Blackhawks are in their second do-or-die game tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes. The Hawks fought back on Saturday to defeat the Coyotes in overtime, but that didn’t tell the whole story. The Hawks dominated the puck for a lot of the game as Corey Crawford wasn’t tested nearly as often. The defense was swarming and the Coyotes weren’t able to get off a ton of non contested shots.

That’s going to be key for the Blackhawks in game 6. This game is going to fall on the shoulders on how Corey Crawford does in net. If he allows a couple soft goals, the hawks are in trouble. If the Hawks play like they did in game 5, I feel much better about it. Crawford has been so up and down this year no one knows what he’s going to bring to the table tonight. I do have confidence in him as he fought back pretty hardcore last year against the Vancouver Canucks so he does have the big game experience.

Maybe I’m overly optimistic in Crawford as again- he’s been hot and cold this year, but what’s the point in being pessimistic all the time? The Coyotes are a good club, and they’re not going to lay down for the Hawks tonight or tomorrow, but I’ve gotta give the edge to the Hawks here IF Corey Crawford can come up big.

Let’s bring the A game tonight Corey, I’m not ready for hockey season to end. The Hawks are good enough to make a run deep into the postseason so let’s get it done.

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