Is San Jose to Reconsider Looking Into Rick Nash

By anthonyweihofen

The San Jose Sharks offense looked decent for most of the regular season but mediocre at best during the post-season. Now after a disappointing playoff run the franchise could be looking to reconsider interest in Columbus Blue Jackets star forward Rick Nash.

In five games of the first round of playoffs San Jose only scored eight goals and were tied for last in goals per game averaged at 1.60 while the two leading teams both averaged above four goals per game. The Sharks have a talented enough team to get them into the post-season but they’re missing a key link in the chain to get them further.

They have made playoffs the past eight years in a row as well as 13 out of the past 14 seasons. The farthest they have gone in the post-season is losing in the Western Conference finals twice. The first time two years ago when the Chicago Blackhawks swept them and went on to win the Stanley Cup. Then they lost again last year in five games against the Vancouver Canucks.

After Chicago won the Stanley Cup and ran into money issues the Sharks picked up their young star goaltender Antti Niemi in an effort to push their team forward. That obviously hasn’t saved them though because now they just can’t score.

So the wisest decision for San Jose might be to look over their current rosters, contracts and under-performing players to make a change to bring in 27-year old Rick Nash.

Before the trade deadline this year Blue Jackets star forward announced that he had a short list of teams that he was willing to be traded to and San Jose was one of them.

The Sharks passed on the idea before the trade deadline ended but Nash proves he would be highly beneficial and a great addition to the Sharks by having one of the best track records in the NHL.

He only scored 30 goals and 59 points in all 82 games this year but in 674 career games he has scored 289 goals and tallied 547 points. His size and skill has made him the closest to an individual carrying a franchise single-handedly since Mario Lemieux once did with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Nash has played in the NHL all star game five times between 2004 and 2011, won the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy for the NHL’s leading goal-scorer and won a gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There’s not a lot to dislike about the guy. He can snipe distant shots, has great playmaking skills and can get knocked around without losing the puck. There is one costly issue about him though.

Back in 2010 Nash re-signed a contract extension with the Blue Jackets for eight years and 62.4 million dollars. So the cap hit for San Jose to sign him would be 7.8 million dollars.

Costly but well worth it for the Sharks to pick up more depth in their scoring department and there would be no one in the NHL more willing to prove what he can do on a winning team than Rick Nash.

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