VIDEO: Michael Jordan Appears At Chicago Blackhawks Playoff Game

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Well, at least Michael Jordan has found something to do instead of watching his awful Charlotte Bobcats. His Airness was spotted at Game 6 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Phoenix Coyotes. Jordan was with Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita. The trio got a huge ovation from the rowdy Blackhawks crowd.

It is great to see that MJ still hangs around Chicago, but you would think he should probably be in Charlotte.  You know, your basketball team is about to the worst team in league history.  Maybe you should be a little more attentive to your team’s needs instead of watching playoff hockey.

Back to the point about him being in Chicago.  He has made appearances at other sporting events and he always gets a great ovation.  Although his time as a Chicago Bull ended rocky, he is still loved by a lot of sports fans in the city.  I mean, he did bring them six titles.  That is fairly impressive, no matter how you look at it.

Now he just needs to get his own basketball team up to that level.  Maybe a high draft pick will save the franchise but I doubt.  The personnel moves have been odd and I personally think the Bobcats are in a lot of trouble.  It is going to take more than time to fix them.  Heck, a in his prime MJ probably could not save them.  They are that bad.  A little better job of owning the team would help too.

Thanks to CSN Chicago for the video.