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Today in Boston Bruins History: April 29

1976: The Boston Bruins lose 2-1 to the Philadelphia Flyers in their semifinal series, starting a four-game losing streak that will see them exit the playoffs.

1991: The Montreal Canadiens, a frequent postseason matchup in Boston Bruins history, are beaten 2-1 by the Bruins in the division final. The Bruins move on to the next round.

1992: A 9-3 Bruins defeat by the Buffalo Sabres sets team records in some less-than-ideal ways. The most goals against record, first set in a 9-6 loss to Minnesota in 1981, is matched. The most power play goals against record, first set in a 1989 game against Buffalo, is matched when they convert on four power play chances.

1994: In game seven of the conference quarterfinals, the Bruins beat Montreal 5-3.

A year ago today: The Bruins leave for Philadelphia, aiming to not repeat their collapse against the Flyers in the 2010 postseason.