Highlights From Presser Introducing Marc Bergevin As New Canadiens GM

By Amos Legault

The Montreal Canadiens introduced Marc Bergevin as the team’s new General Manager and Executive Vice President at a press conference in Brossard today.

It will surely take some time for the lungs of Habs fans to get used to such fresh air.

It was quite a lengthy and informative conference, something the Habs media aren’t used to from former GM, Pierre Gauthier’s tenure. The points from the presser that are especially important to note are as follows:

Bergevin, former Chicago Blackhawks assistant GM, lead the candidates for new GM from the start of the search and interviewing process.

In terms of what Molson saw in Bergevin, he was looking specifically for the communication skills that (without naming names) Pierre Gauthier didn’t possess.

The team’s priorities, as pointed out by Molson, are to improve the team short-term, and to re-establish a winning culture long-term.

Carey Price and PK Subban are Bergevin’s top priorities when it comes to the team itself. He doesn’t believe this team needs to blow things up, but to build upon what he believes is an already strong foundation.

Current head coach Randy Cunneyworth will be returning as assistant coach for now, but the decision to keep him around will ultimately be up to the team’s new head coach once he is appointed. Also, current assistant GM Larry Carriere will remain with the team, but it is not decided what his role will be going forward.

There is no specific time frame on naming a new head coach, and the team will be expanding their scouting in Quebec. Also, current head scout Trevor Timmins, who has done an excellent job finding diamonds in past drafts, will remain with the team and be beside Bergevin at the table this year in Pittsburgh.

Though the future can’t be told, this is an exciting time for Habs fans.. one that was much needed after one of the most disgraceful seasons the team has seen. But there are a few more pressers to come because, as Bergevin himself pointed out, he is just a piece of the puzzle.

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