Flyers Forward Claude Giroux is Suspended for Game Five

By Johnny Machurek

The Philadelphia Flyers dropped game-four to the New Jersey Devils  4-2, but today they get more bad news.  Today the league announced that Flyers superstar Claude Giroux will be suspended for his hit on Dainius Zubrus in the second period.

Brendan Shanaban Shanahan decided to suspend Giroux today.  As always these things are puzzling with Shanny and good luck trying to figure out his logic.  Giroux has no prior history and it hard to say for sure he is targeting the head, so shouldn’t he get the benefit of the doubt?  According to Shanahan the answer is no.

Let’s breakdown the video.  The puck is gone without a doubt, so it is a late hit.  Giroux is loading up to hit Zubrus and when he unloads he does make contact with his head.  While he does make contact with Zubrus’ head, he had just leaned down as Giroux is going for the hit and G never leaves his feet.

This as I stated is a late hit, but I see no need for a suspension on this hit.  Giroux did deserve a fine for the hit because it was a late hit.  Zubrus seemed to be fine afterwards, which is another reason I don’t see the need for a suspension.

New Jersey and the Pittsburgh Penguins seemed to play better when they lost their star player, so maybe this is the jolt the Flyers need.  With their back against the wall and a sense of urgency all ready this gives them even more.  Every man is going to have to dig in deep and want this so much more.

Game-five is on Tuesday in Philadelphia

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