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Joel Ward Attacked With Racist Tweets After Washington Capitals Loss

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Yes, Joel Ward did commit a bad penalty on Tuesday night that helped the New York Rangers take out the Washington Capitals 3-2 in overtime.  However, no human being should be subjected to the tweets that Ward has had to deal with after the loss.

It has to be difficult for Ward to be one of the few black players in hockey.  That does not stop the fans from engaging in disgusting behavior after he made a key mistake.  It is horrid treatment and all of these fans should be ashamed.  Twitter is not a joke and fans should think before they post something for the world to see.

Joel Ward Racist Tweets

Read those tweets and tell me that is not just awful.  Ward deserves to be treated like any other player.  This is the one thing I hate about Twitter.  Everyone thinks they are so tough online.  Would you go up to Ward and say those to his face?  I doubt it.  Ward would pummel you into the ground before you could raise your hand in self defense.

Judge Ward based on his hockey skills.  He screwed up and he deserves blame.  However, leave it at that.  There is no need to go after him based by race.  That is incredibly low and incredibly stupid.  We can not progress as a country if this stuff keeps happening.  There is no way to defend the actions of these people.

Think I’m crazy for calling out these wacko fans?  Let all of us at Rant Sports know by leaving a comment below.  If you see people engaging in this behavior, call them out.  It’s Ward’s right to not be judged by his race.

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