Montreal Canadiens Show Interest in Maple Leafs' Rick Dudley

By Jeff Zeffer

Rick Dudley is a premier talent evaluator in the NHL, who was added to the Toronto Maple Leafs management team on June 24, 2011 and is now being courted by the the Maple Leafs’ rival, the Montreal Canadiens.

When Marc Bergevin was named the General Manager of the Canadiens, rumours immediately began that Rick Dudley could be one his way as the new Assistant General Manager in Montreal.

Though there is concern that since Dudley has been hard at work preparing for the Maple Leafs in this year’s upcoming draft. For Dudley to move over to the Canadiens who draft two spots ahead of the Maple Leafs this year. Could prove an advantage for the Canadiens, in terms of Dudley’s expertise and knowledge of the Maple Leafs draft plan he would bring to Montreal. Along with Brian Burke’s potential desire to move up from their 5th pick in the 2012 NHL Draft.

Toronto would be crazy to let this guy go regardless of the situation, though I think Brian Burke is not the type of person to get in the way of one of his staff personnel being promoted to in a different organization.

In the end when Dudley finally makes his move to Quebec, he will certainly be a fantastic front office addition to a Habs team who craves for experience. A team who is in dire need of front office leadership after a dismal 2011/12 season. Especially with their newly hired General Manager, Bergevin, who is inexperience at this position, will certainly benefit the most from Dudley’s presence.

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