NHL To Announce Sale Of Phoenix Coyotes On Monday?

By Randy Holt

It’s one of the longest running dramas in all of sports. And it could finally be coming to a close in the near future.

For the past few years, the future of the Phoenix Coyotes has been as uncertain as Ilya Bryzgalov can be between the pipes, but the National Hockey League might just be ready to announce some long-awaited good news for the embattled franchise.

Several reports, including out of the local Fox 10 station in Phoenix, have stated that Gary Bettman is slated to head to Phoenix on Monday, along with potential new owner Greg Jamison, to announce a tentative deal for the Coyotes.

Jamison is the former owner of the San Jose Sharks, and still holds some minority stake in the franchise, and has had his name rumored to be associated with these talks for quite some time. The sale of the Coyotes to Jamison would obviously mean that the team will be staying in Phoenix.

There is still plenty to be worked out with a potential deal, including an actual approval from the NHL, as well as the City of Glendale, who have grown less and less accommodating as this saga has gone on.

Assuming this announcement does take place on Monday, it’s certainly perfect timing, as the Coyotes are looking to advance to their first conference finals in team history. They’ve already advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since they’ve moved to the desert, and now hold a 3-1 series edge over the Nashville Predators.

If this deal is announced, expect one heck of a crowd in Phoenix on Monday night. Though an announcement means that there is still a long way to go before it becomes official, it’s certainly good new for the Coyotes and their fans.

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