The New York Rangers can't finish off their series and are forced to play another game seven

By garymarchese

The New York Rangers came to Washington to play game six of their series against the Washington Capitals on Wednesday night.  The Rangers were up three games to two and could have advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  They lost the game though 2-1 and will have to play a game seven on Saturday night.  The New Jersey Devils will be awaiting the winner as they clinched their series on Tuesday night.  The Rangers gave up a goal in the opening two minutes of the game.  They didn’t score their goal until the last minute of play in the game.

Henrik Lundqvist was good and the Rangers didn’t play a bad game.  They of course though killed themselves on the power play.  The Rangers had a big chance with a four minute power play in the second period and couldn’t take advantage.  The Rangers lack of scoring has been their major problem in the playoffs and even during the regular season at times.

The question now though is can the Rangers survive another game seven.  If they do is this taking too much out of them.  The Devils will have off since Tuesday and who knows when the finals will begin, probably not until early next week possibly giving them a week off.  If the Rangers win is that a good thing or bad thing for them.  There are people who feel the experience and pressure makes it worth it as you can draw from in the future.  There are people that think a rested opponent isn’t good, and there are some who think too much rest isn’t good either.  They think you can take the momentum from winning a game seven and put it right into the finals.

The Rangers will have to take care of business at home on Saturday night and then there will be an epic finals matchup of the Hudson river rivals.  Rangers and Devils would be a great series and it would be very interesting.  The Rangers will have to figure out a way to score more and get on the board first and try to hold the lead.  They will have their home crowd behind them which is a great crowd.

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