The New York Rangers move on to the conference finals

By garymarchese

The New York Rangers defeated the Washington Capitals 2-1 in game seven of their eastern conference semifinals series.  The Rangers have now played two game sevens, not making it easy on themselves.  They are a very young team that is building.  They will now take on their rival in the New Jersey Devils for the Eastern Conference title and the right to play for the Stanley Cup.  I wouldn’t expect this series to be less then six or seven as well.

How did the Rangers beat the Washington Capitals.  This time there was a completely different feel but they did win a triple overtime game and also scored a tying goal with 6.6 seconds left and then won in overtime in another game.  If they didn’t do that they may have lost the series.  The number one reason that they won the series is they are mentally tough.  The Rangers stick with their system no matter what.  They have a belief in it and it has worked thus far.  They also have a great defense and a great goalie and that helps as well.  The Rangers aren’t known for their scoring although Brad Richards always seems to come up big when he needs too.  The Rangers played a very smart game seven, they didn’t take too many penalties and they got the lead and held it.  They never trailed in that game and always seemed in control especially when they got a two goal lead although that was short lived.

The Rangers and Devils should be an epic series.  The two teams don’t like each other at all.  I am sure you wont see the fighting you did in the regular season.  The coaches though may have some words through the media as there isn’t any love lost there either.  It will be a very interesting series to see how it all plays out.  I would pick the Rangers in six but could easily see this one going seven as well.


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