Today in Boston Bruins History: May 14

By Emma Harger

1974: The Philadelphia Flyers beat the Boston Bruins 4-2 in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

1977: The Montreal Canadiens defeat the Bruins 2-1 in overtime of Game 4 of the Final, sweeping their archrivals and hoisting the Cup.

1988: Craig Janney has a two-goal night and the Bruins beat the New Jersey Devils 6-2 in Game 6 of the conference final. For the first time in a decade, the Bruins are headed to the Stanley Cup Final.

1999: The Bruins suffer a 3-0 shutout at the hands of the Buffalo Sabres in Game 4 of the conference semifinal.

2009: The Carolina Hurricanes beat the Bruins 3-2 in overtime after nearly an entire overtime period played. Once again, this overtime defeat ends the Bruins’ playoff run, though unlike in 1977, it’s not to the Stanley Cup champions.

2010: A not-so-great event in Boston Bruins history–they become the third team in the history of the entire NHL to lose a playoff series in which they’d built up a three-nothing lead. Worse yet, they earn this distinction in a 4-3 loss to the Flyers, a game that began with the Bruins having a 3-0 lead in scoring.

2011: The Bruins lose 5-2 to the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 1 of the conference final. Tyler Seguin, coming into the lineup as a sub for concussed Patrice Bergeron, scores his first goal of the playoffs. Johnny Boychuk adds a goal, but the Lightning were just too strong.

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