John Tortorella Thinks Cell Phones at Press Conferences are Ridiculous

By Stephanie Lewark

Is the New York Rangers head coach, John Tortorella, ever happy?  I would say not since he still seemed to be agitated at his post-game press conference Monday evening even with his team shutting out the New Jersey Devils in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final by a score of 3-0.

If you watch the video (below), he starts out pleasant enough; in fact, he seems to be in a pretty good mood and then … a phone rings and that’s all it takes.  I must admit that it is annoying because the ring isn’t a low or quiet type of ring and, of course, the person didn’t pick it up right away so you’re just like, “would you please pick up your phone before Torts goes off?!”  This is probably one of the calmer times I’ve seen Tortorella confront the media about something he’s ticked off about. 

But this is the kind of stuff that makes Tortorella so entertaining (probably one of the most entertaining coaches to watch / listen to in the NHL today).  And this is only the latest of his many rants.  He’s had so many just this season alone (post-season even) that a popular DJ, Steve Porter, put them to music for a pretty comical result.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be fortunate enough to see more of these displays from Tortorella the longer the Rangers stay in the race and, by the looks of it, it may be into June.

New York will face New Jersey again tonight for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final at 8 PM (EST) on NBCSN on home ice at MSG.

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