Los Angeles Kings Give Rainn Wilson Playoff Tickets Encased In Jell-O

By Riley Schmitt

The Los Angeles Kings have a great sense of humor apparently. Rainn Wilson, better known as Dwight Schrute on The Office, is a big sports fan. He realized that he had never been to a hockey game so he asked the Kings to hook him up with tickets. They did him one better, by giving him tickets encased in Jell-O.

On the show, Wilson is known for putting stuff in Jell-O.  The fact that the Kings used this to their advantage is tremendous.  This is probably the best form of ticket delivery in a long time.  In fact, I hope this catches on. It is the perfect way to deliver things. Jell-O rarely moves, so it is not like the tickets will get lost.

When other actors or famous people want tickets, give them to them in a way that one of their characters would appreciate.  The Rainn Wilson Jell-O approach could work for a lot more people.  There is a reason that hockey is one of the better run sports on social media.  Using Twitter and popular culture to make a name for themselves is never a bad thing.

The best thing is that Rainn Wilson enjoyed himself at the playoff game.  They may have just created a new hockey fan.  It is definitely worth it since they got to use the Jell-O tickets.  I can not get over how funny that is.  That takes some real creativity with everyone involved.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He wishes someone would give him tickets encased in Jell-O.  Preferably lime Jell-O, because that stuff is amazing.

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