Philadelphia Flyers Forward Claude Giroux Plays Beer Pong With Casts On Both Wrists

By Riley Schmitt

Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers is not letting surgery get in his way of having a good time at parties. Giroux has casts on both of his wrists, but he still found time to enjoy a nice game of beer pong.

See, this is why hockey players are awesome.  I would love to party with some of them sometime.  He does not let surgery get in his way.  If you can still move your arm, you can play pong.  I love that type of attitude out of Claude Giroux.

You can not tell who is winning by this photo, but I bet Giroux is doing pretty dang good.  Hockey players love their parties and love their beer, so I imagine that he is quite skilled at the game.  Even if he is not, you still got to give Claude Giroux props for being a gamer.

I would imagine that beer pong is probably not on his schedule for rehab, but maybe it should be.  You have to use your wrist to achieve the best possible shot, so it could easily be part of his rehab.  Maybe more doctors should put pong into rehab schedules.  I bet it would make rehab a lot more fun.

I tip my hat to Claude Giroux.  He truly loves to party.  Screw the casts on his wrists, the man still wants to take names in a game of pong.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He could beat Claude Giroux in beer pong, even if Giroux was completely healthy.  Bring it on!

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