The Los Angeles Kings Advance To The Stanley Cup Over The Phoenix Coyotes, Thanks To Dustin Penner

By Riley Schmitt

The Los Angeles Kings are headed back to the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1993 due to an overtime goal from Dustin Penner.  The goal gave the Kings a 4-3 victory in Game 5 over the Phoenix Coyotes.

The Kings have been snakebitten over the years, but this is great to see.  The 8 seed has had no problem in the playoffs, as they have mowed through everyone in their path.  Playoff hockey might be the best playoff sport to watch, because it is all about momentum.  In this sport, anyone can beat anyone.  It truly is a game of momentum which lets the underdogs have a chance.

The overtime period was nuts up until the goal by Dustin Penner.  I wasn’t watching closely but it appears that the refs sort of lost control of the game.  At least that is what the Twitter refs told me.  I have seen some weirdly officiated games in the playoffs this year, so that does not surprise me at all.

Dustin Penner was one of the guys who probably deserved to have this goal the most.  He had a rough season.  I mean, the guy got hurt eating pancakes.  He also got divorced this year, so he has a lot on his plate.  A goal to send your team to the Stanley Cup sounds like a pretty good redemption story.  In fact, I would almost think Disney wrote it.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He is not the biggest hockey fan in the world, but who can hate on the Stanley Cup?

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