Wild Near Signing of Mikael Granlund

By Matt Farland


It looks as if Minnesota Wild fans will not have to wait much longer to see the signing of 20 year old Finnish forward Mikael Granlund.  Now that the IIHF World Championships have ended, the ninth overall pick in the 2010 draft has no obstacles keeping him from signing with the Wild, and indications from both sides are good that he will do so.  However, Minnesota must get Granlund to pen his name by June 1st, or they will lose rights to him and he will be re-entered into the NHL draft.  According to the Star Tribune’s Michael Russo, the two sides are currently working on a three- year, $2.7 million contract, the maximum for a 2010 draft pick.

The addition of Granlund to the Wild roster may provide some much needed offense to a team that has had problems putting the puck in the back of the net for a couple seasons.  Just last year, Minnesota trailed every team in the NHL with just 2.02 goals per game, while only taking an average of 26.5 shots per game.  However, Granlund led IFK with 51 points in 45 games last season, and has flexed his offensive muscle since joining the league at age 17.

Obviously, Granlund hasn’t been putting these numbers up in the NHL, but they are impressive nonetheless.  He has also performed well during his time at the World Junior Championships, as well as this month’s tournament, which featured some tough NHL competition.  Fans can only hope that his skills will quickly transfer over to his time in a Wild uniform.

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