With Casts On Both Wrists, Claude Giroux Dominates The Beer Pong Table

By Randy Holt

You always wonder what athletes do when their team has been eliminated from the postseason.

Many golf. Some go fishing. Others simply spend time with their families. But for NHL superstar Claude Giroux, he takes his talents to a different arena.

Over the weekend, Claude Giroux took to the beer pong table, despite casts on both of his wrists. The results were apparently positive, given the tweets that followed his performance.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/aIexanndra/status/204412889946267648″]

Because we really needed more proof of how incredible Claude Giroux is. Getting snubbed for the Hart Trophy, Giroux broke into the ranks of the NHL elite this season, with 93 points and strong effort in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Though the Philadelphia Flyers came up short, the future is bright for this club.

The most impressive part of the photo are the pair of casts Giroux is sporting on either wrist. Giroux had surgery on each of his wrists following the Flyers’ elimination from the playoffs, removing bone spurs in his left wrist and fixing cartilage in his right. It looks like he’s recovering just fine.

This picture isn’t likely to concern too many folks. Beer pong isn’t the most taxing game on one’s wrist, and Giroux should be able to recover just fine. The best part of it is, he’s still managing to compose himself in a party atmosphere. With no blackout drunkenness or attempted choking of women, he’s already a few notches above Patrick Kane in that department.

You can see the photo of Giroux’s game below:

Photo via CrossingBroad.com

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