The New York Rangers fail to take a two game lead once again

By garymarchese

The New York Rangers have succeeded in the playoffs but haven’t made it easy on themselves.  They failed once again on Monday night to take a two games lead in a series.  They had three chances in Game two of the first three rounds and lose each time.  They had a chance in Game five in the first round in game six of the second round.  The Rangers have not been able to go up two games at all but they do usually bounce back in the next game and take the momentum back.  The Rangers and New Jersey Devils will play game five at MSG on Wednesday night.

These two teams are pretty evenly matched.  The Rangers don’t have as much scoring but the better goaltender right now.  I think the Devils though have been able to play their game more and have been the better team through the series.  This series also turned nasty in Game four and I would expect that to continue now.

The Rangers are going to have to hold home ice advantage and if they do that they will be fine.  The Rangers if they win game five will most likely be looking at a game seven at home on Sunday night.  I don’t anyone will be shocked to see it go seven.  If the Devils win the next game though I can see them finishing it at home in six games.  The next game will probably decide the winner of the series, I believe it is that important of a game.

The Rangers are going to have to find a way to find their A game and score some goals.  They need Marion Gaborik and Brad Richards to show up and take over and show why they are the stars of the team.  The Rangers are also going to need Henrik Lundqvist to be dominant and maybe pitch another shutout.  It will be a very interesting game and rest of the series as it is now a best of three.  The coaches even got into it at the end of the last game.  It will be interesting to see early on if it is a physical game or they move past that game and just play hockey.  I think it will be physical and you will see more fights and dirty play.

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