Toronto Maple Leafs: Tomas Vokoun is the Answer in a Small Market of Goalies

By Jeff Zeffer

It is no secret that the Toronto Maple Leafs are in need of a goaltender and Tomas Vokoun could be the answer. With Jonas Gustavsson not wearing the colors of the blue and white come next season. The Maple Leafs could have a better shot at making the playoffs next season with Gustavsson contact out of the way, opens the opportunity to sign a free agent goalie.

Now going back to last off-season a representative of VoKoun called the Maple Leafs and inquired about whether there was interest in Vokoun at that time; at that time the Maple Leafs said they had none.

But as if recent Maple Leafs Assistant General Manager has this to say, “We’re going to explore (acquiring a veteran goaltender) as far as we can,” Nonis said. “I don’t think you ever want to guarantee that you’re going to find something because you never know what’s going to become available. But our objective is to see what becomes available and then measure that against what we have in net at this point.”

Now what the Maple Leafs’ do have in net is still the belief that young James Reimer can be their #1 goalie of the future. All I have to say about that is if Reimer does not get his game together in his third NHL season, all the fans in Toronto will come down hard on this kid.

Going back to Vokoun recent performances, over the last four seasons this veteran has started around 54 games on average over that period of time. Along with being able to consistently record a minimum of 22 wins during the last nine seasons, while keeping a 2.55 career goals against average.

Even though Vokoun would turn 36 years old this summer, his numbers are solid for his age and Vokoun will certainly be worth whatever contact he signs next.

There is no better option for Brian Burke and the Maple Leafs this off-season in terms of what goalies could be available on the free-agent market come July 1st, 2012.

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