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Andrew Ference Meets Politicians, Analyzes Game 1

Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference had a big day yesterday, starting with touring Greentown Labs (a Boston-area initiative to help clean energy startups collaborate and get off the ground) with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and ending with seeing the Los Angeles Kings beat the New Jersey Devils 2-1 in overtime of Stanley Cup Final Game 1.

The green-minded Ference maintains a keen interest in all things eco-friendly, so he drove his electric car to Greentown Labs and toured the facility alongside Gov. Patrick. (After the tour, he said on his Twitter that Massachusetts was in good hands with the governor.) Then, he hopped on the Amtrak train for a trip to New Jersey so he could watch the big game as a guest of the NHL.

In fact, he was in the commissioner’s suite at Prudential Center, not that NBC bothered to try to find him during the broadcast of the game, though–but they made sure we saw Doug O’Neill, trainer of the racehorse I’ll Have Another, looking very bored indeed. But a member of the still-defending Stanley Cup champion team (for at least a few more days)? Not so much.

While in Newark, he met the city’s mayor, Cory Booker. Booker is a big Twitter user who made headlines fairly recently for going into a burning home and rescuing his neighbor’s daughter. One time he also shoveled a constituent’s snowy driveway because he’d been told that the person’s 65-year-old dad was going to try to do it himself. But when he’s not being SuperMayor, he’s looking out for his city, and his Newark boosterism extends to supporting the hometown team.

Ference mentioned wanting to meet Booker on his Twitter and then it sounds like they managed a meet-and-greet somewhere in there. He said he would act like a “super fan” if he were able to meet Booker–here’s hoping that happened!

Ference then provided a player’s view of Game 1. He expected the slow start to the game and really enjoyed the third period. But of course, around this time last year, the Bruins lost Game 1, so he was able to share that perspective of trying to stay positive and look on the bright side of things even if the score sheet reads L.

Devils defenseman Mark Fayne missed an open net chance to put another one away for the home team, something Ference sympathized with because when he was with the Calgary Flames in the 2004 Stanley Cup Final, he said he could vividly remember each post, each missed chance, wondering about the what-ifs.

He also praised Kings coach Daryl Sutter and hoped that Game 2 on Saturday will be more like the last part of Game 1 in terms of intensity.


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