Mark Recchi Could Return Someday

Here’s some good news to focus on after a weekend of Tim Thomas talk. Mark Recchi is thinking of coming back into the NHL in a front office role and the Boston Bruins are among the teams he is considering.

Recchi is not considering returning as a player. He did, however, think about it back in October when the Bruins were having that bad Stanley Cup hangover. Like he said in his afterword in Full 60+ to History, if he got a call, he would’ve answered it. But, having received no call, he was free to have the year to himself. He chose to stay away from NHL-level hockey, focusing instead on mostly junior-level things: he’s part of the ownership at the hometown Kamloops Blazers, so he spent some time there, plus he coached his son’s team and Team Cherry at the CHL Top Prospects Game this past February.

But throughout this year he took off from hockey–hey, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?–he considered his options for the future. He doesn’t want to coach at the NHL level, but he is interested in working in the front office. Reportedly, he’s already started looking at a few different teams, including the Dallas Stars because owner Tom Gagliardi also has Blazers connections. He has a home with his family in the Pittsburgh area, so who knows, he might try the Pittsburgh Penguins too.

Of course, though, you have to consider the idea that he might return to the Bruins. He’s already been talking with general manager Peter Chiarelli and planning to talk to him some more in the future. Imagine Mark Recchi as part of the front office team helping to shape the future of the team! He’s especially interested in how to craft a team for the long term with drafting, trading, careful planning, et cetera–basically just learning the other side of the game.

No matter where he ends up, though, he’s going to do well. He’s just that kind of guy.

Still, I have to admit, I kind of hope he returns to Boston.


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